Presentation or activity to promote the agency or service

Brainstorm, plan and execute an activity, stall, workshop, fundraiser or awareness promotion that supports an agency of your choice. Working in small groups to liaise with health agencies, services or individuals to facilitate a presentation to the school community.

Students were required to investigate and promote a global or local health agency or service. This assessment consists of three parts; a group investigation into a health agency or service, a presentation or activity to be presented to the school community and an individual report. In groups of 2 or 3 select a particular health agency that you would like to see promoted at school. The students are then to research the health agency or service and how it supports individuals in the community. Determining the most appropriate way to promote the agency or health service.

Student Example 1: Reflection on Activity and Planning Pages

The presentation we conducted was a big success through the quiz it was made evident that the information we told the class was retained. Our success was also evident through the enthusiasm the year 8’s showed, we left the room feeling accomplished and applauded. Although there were some small hiccups throughout the presentation that may have been fixed by a rehearsal prior, though we still achieved our main goal to raise awareness. The raffle was also a success as we raised $100 for the agency and included our community through prize contributions and raffle ticket purchases, which we sent to AFK (Appendix H). Child abuse and neglect isn’t something you want to believe happens, but it does. AFK is a very important and necessary agency for this reason, they build hope for the future for kids and families that have suffered the worst. In the future I hope I can work alongside AFK to further raise awareness for this issue, as a volunteer or even as an employee as I want to work in humanitarian aid in the future. Through this assessment we worked productively to successfully fundraise for AFK Australia and raise awareness for child abuse and neglect.

Student Example 2: Promotional Poster