Critical & Creative Thinking Days

On the last two days of Term 2, Year 8 and 9 classes were cancelled to allow students the opportunity to focus on developing their Critical and Creative Thinking skills. At the beginning of the day we separated students into their four Houses, where they organised themselves into groups of 6, including both Year 8 and 9 students. Following this we moved over to the gym, where students found the space transformed to allow them to work collaboratively in their groups.
The students were challenged to create a Peace Machine. This was achieved using Solution Fluency, a problem solving process presented to staff by Lee Watanabe-Crockett at our latest Student Free Day. Students worked together in order to create a machine that they believed would create peace in our society and all over the world, the results were outstanding.
In the afternoon of the last day of term we transformed the gym into an exhibition centre, where 38 groups of students showcased their ideas to their Year 10, 11 and 12 peers. All students had the opportunity to vote for the most successful peace machine, and these votes were tallied to go towards this year’s MBHS House Cup.
Staff and students were amazed by the thoughtful and creative peace machines designed by students, some of which were showcased in the local newspaper. As teachers, we are proud to witness the collaboration of students, as well as their ability to think both critically and creatively in order to design machines that may well help to positively influence the future of our society.